The launch of MahoganyMafia is like the birth of my new baby! MahoganyMafia is a glittery pink gumbo of everything I love and have a passion for. Things like hair, makeup, fashion, art, music, writing, hustling, money management, personal development, and allat. Being able to focus on a creative project that highlights my interests is an exciting opportunity. MahoganyMafia caters to a audience of students, lovers of everything fab, intellectuals, shopaholics, artists, hustlers, as well as a myriad of other dynamic titles. My having the attention span of a someone turnt up off a molly will definitely be evident as my posts may at times seem to have little relation to each other, but all that means is an opportunity to appeal to more people! So before I ramble ( as I have a tendency to do) I introduce to you:

♥ MahoganyMafia

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