Seeking Employment: Pt 2

6 Apr

The interview is a strong 50% of your marketing strategy. An interview is a short time period in which you want to appear passionate, but calm. Convey a witty sense of humor, but show a no-nonsense attitude. Relaxed, but in control. Appear charming, but not flirtatious. All at the same time. This is a lot to take in, but important to understand. Getting started…

  • The best place to start is by researching the company. Learn some relevant facts that you can recall during the interview.
  • Review some frequently asked interview questions (Links posted below) and prepare some brief answers.
  • PLEASE understand the importance of you attire. You must appear polished and professional. Be aware of facial piercings, abnormal hair colors, and nail length/color. Go for tops that conceal cleavage, and skirts that go past the knees. Heels should typically be less than 4 inches. If unsure, the best way to go is a crisp button-up top, a pair of slacks, a blazer or cardigan, and a pair of ballet flats or loafers. (Outfit ideas below)
  • When asked questions, pause and answer directly. Making useful statements that tie skills related to the job to your real-life experiences. EX: “Communication is definitely one of my strengths, as secretary for my organization, I often have to relay messages from the executive board to the members of the organization in a friendly, effective manner” *cheese*
  • Maintain eye contact, a friendly smile, and firm posture.
  • Using humor in an interview is also a plus. When used effectively, humor can make you a more appealing candidate, BUT some people just aren’t funny. Make sure your use sense of humor showcases your awesome personality, and doesn’t make you look like an ass. 
  • At the end of the interview be sure to thank the interviewer and shake their hand. Take a business card on your way out for contact information to follow up with a thank-you email.

Good luck in your job hunt 🙂


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