5 Apr

Meet Staci! An interior design major from Chesapeake, VA. Most naturals have the amazing ability to capture attention, and Staci is no exception to this rule.

How long have you been natural?  Including transitioning, about 12 years. After transitioning, about 8-9 years. 

Who is your source of natural hairspiration? I’m inspired by anybody i see who find their own way to embrace their natural hair, but my newest inspiration would have to be a YouTuber who goes by the name 160Days2Lose2. I LOVEEE her length but more importantly the THICKNESS of her hair. I live! 

How long did you transition? I transitioned by keeping my hair braided. I transitioned very young, at age 8 for about 3-4 years. 

Your current hair regimen? Currently I’ve been doing blow outs/twist outs for the winter weather so I have to twist it every night using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Soft Sheen Carson’s Butter Whip Coil Cream


Favorite hair productsGiovanni Leave In Conditioner, IC Fantasia Styling Gel, & Pure African Shea Butter!  

Have you noticed changes in how men approach you since going natural? 1000%!!! I feel as though guys approach me less depending on how wild my hair is. But the ones that do always have a sense of ‘respect’ for my hair & my personal style. 

What do plan on doing with your hair in the future?  I want to try locs soooo bad! But I’ve decided I’m going to try yarn braids(pictured here and here) first to see if I like the look on m2.


follow her on twitter @Quite_theNymFRO 😉


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