Seeking Employment: Pt 1

5 Apr

A resume is your chance to brag about yourself and your accomplishments. It is a page-long summary of all the amazing things you are capable of, have done, and have the potential to do. It’s almost like your boastful anthem. It can be tasteful and classic (Watch the Throne) or a hot, gaudy mess (Master P, circa 1999). A resume is definitely a strong 50% of your marketing strategy and requires time, effort, and thought to be constructed effectively.  

Basic Resume Components:Contact information Legal name, permanent address, phone number, and email. Choose a professional email address. Forgo listing as a contact address for potential employers (insert stale face).

Objective/Summary Objective/Summary is a short statement that highlights your skills and how they relate to the job you seek.

 Skills Foreign languages, knowledge of computer programs, typing score, communication, forming relationships with customers/clients, etc.

Experience Here is where you record all prior work experience, paid or not. Mention things such as employment, internships, and volunteer work. Be sure to include BRIEF descriptions of tasks and responsibilities. For those with little to no employment experience, listing campus organizations can prove beneficial. Highlighting responsibilities in organizations can serve a similar purpose.

Education Include high schools and universities attended level of degree held, major. Professional and Technical Training as well. Coursework may be included if it relates directly to the job. Only grade point averages over 3.0 should be included.

The job you’re looking for may allow for more creativity in a resume. Pops of color, interesting formats, and unique themes are more acceptable in some fields and are often encouraged. Some examples:

 Cute, right?

Stay tuned for Managing Interviews!


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