Saving $ in College

5 Apr

Growing up in a home where parents worked hard to give their baby everything they wanted can put a person at a huge disadvantage. Getting dropped off at college often means a decrease in the monthly cash flow provided by parents. In this situation, adjustments have to be made in order to live comfortably. These are just a few practices I adopted (very slowly smh) to help save $ in college.

Watch where you withdraw. Banks find small ways to pimp us. Using an unauthorized ATM can cost from $2.00 to $5.00 each time you withdraw and this can add up quickly.

Embrace public transportation. Taking a bus around a strange city seemed like such an intimidating idea, but given the prices of taxis and my disdain for relying on others, I got over that quickly. Students have access to public transportation for free, so take advantage. Use it to handle business (leaving early to ensure that you’ll arrive on time) or cruise and explore the city. Who knows what hidden gems you may find?

Create an eBay account. Any item you see in the mall can be purchased on eBay, often for a significantly lower price. Shopping online also saves time and money on transportation.

Always ask for a military/student discount. Many establishments offer discounts but they rarely broadcast it. Asking is the only way you’ll find out. (you’re welcome).

Develop and capitalize on a skill Are you talented with makeup? Able to install a flawless sew-in? Do you make your own jewelry? Whatever your skill is, practice and develop it until your final product is polished enough to hustle.

Groupon. Enough said.

Kick the daily coffee habit. (This doesn’t apply to those with FLEX dollars.) Reconsider your daily caffeine fix. If you buy one $4 latte each day, that coffee habit will set you back $28 a week, about $120 a month and $1,460 per year. Imagine all you could have done with that! If your caffeine fix is something you can’t extirpate, consider making it yourself and carrying it in a thermos. It’s frugal AND environmentally friendly.

Kill the cigarette habit as well. In addition to being expensive, it’s also disgusting, harmful, and pointless.

Buy in bulk. Items like soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, paper towels, etc, are a more cost-efficient purchase when bought in bulk.

Consider a part-time job. If your schedule permits, a part-time job could be useful. Not only does it provide you with extra funds, it also gives you valuable employment experience to add to your professional resume. In college towns, almost everyone is looking for a job so t is important to market yourself competitively to potential employers.


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