Mens Style Feature

5 Apr

Meet Jared

Verge Modeling Troupe Model Coordinator

Classification A Junior Construction Management Major at North Carolina A&T from Newark, NJ

Forever 21 Sales Associate

Describe your style. My style is basically whatever I like to wear. I can’t really categorize it. I feel like its too broad for that.

Fashion Influences? One of my influences fashion wise would definitely be Theophilus London. I don’t try to mimic him but he wears certain things I’d like to see on myself.

Your favorite places to shop?I like thrifting but I also shop at retail stores like H&M, Pacsun and others. I just mix and match where I see fit. My favorite place to shop is probably Topman in Soho. Its so much to choose from there and I love the atmosphere.
 Least favorite trend? My least favorite trend is probably the “Polo” movement. Its so unoriginal and uniform. People put on a polo shirt, polo hat, levis and polo boots then call themselves fashionable. Throwing a bunch of labels on is the easy way out, broaden the horizon.

Check him out on twitter @Jay_Debonair
Photographer: Patrick Malachi

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