Double Standards

5 Apr

After years of bra-burning and gender equality battles, most would agree that men and women are still not considered equal. So it would be no surprise that in 2012 we still find ourselves asking the famous question: Why is it that when a man *bleeps* a whole bunch of different *bleeps*, he’s the mack, but when a woman does the same, she’s called a *bleep*, or a *bleep*, or the all-too-common *bleep*? There are many answers to this question ranging from the biological reproductive roles of men and women to the affects of hyper-masculinity in our patriarchal society. My favorite (and most relatable) theory was shared by a close friend.

What does a man have have to do to get something from a woman?

He worked for it

1. Get the number A feat in itself, acquiring a woman’s phone number can go one of two ways. The most common being an eye-roll, a muttering of  “Negro please.”, and a dramatic hair flip combination. Or with luck and skill, the number can be secured.

2. Steady Communication Getting the number is the easy part. The challenge of what to do with the number is the real issue. According to my expert, “good morning” texts are a necessity. Paired with the options of a compliment, nickname, and smiley-face and/or appropriate emoji. The man also has to provide entertainment throughout the day, compliments, witty comments, and checking on  her during/between classes. The frequency of this communication is determined by the woman. Therein lies another challenge of gauging how much is too much, as perfect balance is key.

3. Date “You can’t hit if you don’t spend on her.” My expert argues that no desirable woman would give a man her time before he takes her on an enjoyable date. This provides the opportunity to get further acquainted and decide if this person is worthy.

All this and possibly more is what men go through in the chase. This is just assuming that a woman is willing to “give it up” after these steps, as it is never guaranteed.

There is a considerable amount of time, effort, and money that goes into this process. Imagine if a man is promiscuous and goes through all these steps for every woman he gets, should he not be revered for his work and effort?

What would a woman have to do for the same result?

Sexually liberated? Or..

1. Look decent.

2. Ask.

Women are naturally equipped with the “feminine wiles” to get a man to do whatever she would like. Given that the job is so much easier for a woman, our expert argues that since no real work is required for a woman, a promiscuous woman should not be praised.

Interesting.. care to share your thoughts?


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