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28 Apr


Colorblocking under $100


sheer trend

Bright Lips

bright lips
Silk Prints 
silk print

Seeking Employment: Pt 2

6 Apr

The interview is a strong 50% of your marketing strategy. An interview is a short time period in which you want to appear passionate, but calm. Convey a witty sense of humor, but show a no-nonsense attitude. Relaxed, but in control. Appear charming, but not flirtatious. All at the same time. This is a lot to take in, but important to understand. Getting started…

  • The best place to start is by researching the company. Learn some relevant facts that you can recall during the interview.
  • Review some frequently asked interview questions (Links posted below) and prepare some brief answers.
  • PLEASE understand the importance of you attire. You must appear polished and professional. Be aware of facial piercings, abnormal hair colors, and nail length/color. Go for tops that conceal cleavage, and skirts that go past the knees. Heels should typically be less than 4 inches. If unsure, the best way to go is a crisp button-up top, a pair of slacks, a blazer or cardigan, and a pair of ballet flats or loafers. (Outfit ideas below)
  • When asked questions, pause and answer directly. Making useful statements that tie skills related to the job to your real-life experiences. EX: “Communication is definitely one of my strengths, as secretary for my organization, I often have to relay messages from the executive board to the members of the organization in a friendly, effective manner” *cheese*
  • Maintain eye contact, a friendly smile, and firm posture.
  • Using humor in an interview is also a plus. When used effectively, humor can make you a more appealing candidate, BUT some people just aren’t funny. Make sure your use sense of humor showcases your awesome personality, and doesn’t make you look like an ass. 
  • At the end of the interview be sure to thank the interviewer and shake their hand. Take a business card on your way out for contact information to follow up with a thank-you email.

Good luck in your job hunt 🙂

Seeking Employment: Pt 1

5 Apr

A resume is your chance to brag about yourself and your accomplishments. It is a page-long summary of all the amazing things you are capable of, have done, and have the potential to do. It’s almost like your boastful anthem. It can be tasteful and classic (Watch the Throne) or a hot, gaudy mess (Master P, circa 1999). A resume is definitely a strong 50% of your marketing strategy and requires time, effort, and thought to be constructed effectively.  

Basic Resume Components:Contact information Legal name, permanent address, phone number, and email. Choose a professional email address. Forgo listing as a contact address for potential employers (insert stale face).

Objective/Summary Objective/Summary is a short statement that highlights your skills and how they relate to the job you seek.

 Skills Foreign languages, knowledge of computer programs, typing score, communication, forming relationships with customers/clients, etc.

Experience Here is where you record all prior work experience, paid or not. Mention things such as employment, internships, and volunteer work. Be sure to include BRIEF descriptions of tasks and responsibilities. For those with little to no employment experience, listing campus organizations can prove beneficial. Highlighting responsibilities in organizations can serve a similar purpose.

Education Include high schools and universities attended level of degree held, major. Professional and Technical Training as well. Coursework may be included if it relates directly to the job. Only grade point averages over 3.0 should be included.

The job you’re looking for may allow for more creativity in a resume. Pops of color, interesting formats, and unique themes are more acceptable in some fields and are often encouraged. Some examples:

 Cute, right?

Stay tuned for Managing Interviews!

Seeking Employment?

5 Apr

As it becomes increasingly difficult to find employment in these trying times, it is up to individuals to market themselves competitively. You must think of yourself as a brand. How you market your skills and capabilities determine how willing people are to buy. Two essential parts of marketing yourself are your resume and your interview. If you can put together a solid resume and make a positive impression in the interview, you can make your brand appealing to potential employers and land your dream job (Or the one you applied for). This begins a 2-part post on Resumes and Interviews: de la MahoganyMafia.

Double Standards

5 Apr

After years of bra-burning and gender equality battles, most would agree that men and women are still not considered equal. So it would be no surprise that in 2012 we still find ourselves asking the famous question: Why is it that when a man *bleeps* a whole bunch of different *bleeps*, he’s the mack, but when a woman does the same, she’s called a *bleep*, or a *bleep*, or the all-too-common *bleep*? There are many answers to this question ranging from the biological reproductive roles of men and women to the affects of hyper-masculinity in our patriarchal society. My favorite (and most relatable) theory was shared by a close friend.

What does a man have have to do to get something from a woman?

He worked for it

1. Get the number A feat in itself, acquiring a woman’s phone number can go one of two ways. The most common being an eye-roll, a muttering of  “Negro please.”, and a dramatic hair flip combination. Or with luck and skill, the number can be secured.

2. Steady Communication Getting the number is the easy part. The challenge of what to do with the number is the real issue. According to my expert, “good morning” texts are a necessity. Paired with the options of a compliment, nickname, and smiley-face and/or appropriate emoji. The man also has to provide entertainment throughout the day, compliments, witty comments, and checking on  her during/between classes. The frequency of this communication is determined by the woman. Therein lies another challenge of gauging how much is too much, as perfect balance is key.

3. Date “You can’t hit if you don’t spend on her.” My expert argues that no desirable woman would give a man her time before he takes her on an enjoyable date. This provides the opportunity to get further acquainted and decide if this person is worthy.

All this and possibly more is what men go through in the chase. This is just assuming that a woman is willing to “give it up” after these steps, as it is never guaranteed.

There is a considerable amount of time, effort, and money that goes into this process. Imagine if a man is promiscuous and goes through all these steps for every woman he gets, should he not be revered for his work and effort?

What would a woman have to do for the same result?

Sexually liberated? Or..

1. Look decent.

2. Ask.

Women are naturally equipped with the “feminine wiles” to get a man to do whatever she would like. Given that the job is so much easier for a woman, our expert argues that since no real work is required for a woman, a promiscuous woman should not be praised.

Interesting.. care to share your thoughts?

Mens Style Feature

5 Apr

Meet Jared

Verge Modeling Troupe Model Coordinator

Classification A Junior Construction Management Major at North Carolina A&T from Newark, NJ

Forever 21 Sales Associate

Describe your style. My style is basically whatever I like to wear. I can’t really categorize it. I feel like its too broad for that.

Fashion Influences? One of my influences fashion wise would definitely be Theophilus London. I don’t try to mimic him but he wears certain things I’d like to see on myself.

Your favorite places to shop?I like thrifting but I also shop at retail stores like H&M, Pacsun and others. I just mix and match where I see fit. My favorite place to shop is probably Topman in Soho. Its so much to choose from there and I love the atmosphere.
 Least favorite trend? My least favorite trend is probably the “Polo” movement. Its so unoriginal and uniform. People put on a polo shirt, polo hat, levis and polo boots then call themselves fashionable. Throwing a bunch of labels on is the easy way out, broaden the horizon.

Check him out on twitter @Jay_Debonair
Photographer: Patrick Malachi

Saving $ in College

5 Apr

Growing up in a home where parents worked hard to give their baby everything they wanted can put a person at a huge disadvantage. Getting dropped off at college often means a decrease in the monthly cash flow provided by parents. In this situation, adjustments have to be made in order to live comfortably. These are just a few practices I adopted (very slowly smh) to help save $ in college.

Watch where you withdraw. Banks find small ways to pimp us. Using an unauthorized ATM can cost from $2.00 to $5.00 each time you withdraw and this can add up quickly.

Embrace public transportation. Taking a bus around a strange city seemed like such an intimidating idea, but given the prices of taxis and my disdain for relying on others, I got over that quickly. Students have access to public transportation for free, so take advantage. Use it to handle business (leaving early to ensure that you’ll arrive on time) or cruise and explore the city. Who knows what hidden gems you may find?

Create an eBay account. Any item you see in the mall can be purchased on eBay, often for a significantly lower price. Shopping online also saves time and money on transportation.

Always ask for a military/student discount. Many establishments offer discounts but they rarely broadcast it. Asking is the only way you’ll find out. (you’re welcome).

Develop and capitalize on a skill Are you talented with makeup? Able to install a flawless sew-in? Do you make your own jewelry? Whatever your skill is, practice and develop it until your final product is polished enough to hustle.

Groupon. Enough said.

Kick the daily coffee habit. (This doesn’t apply to those with FLEX dollars.) Reconsider your daily caffeine fix. If you buy one $4 latte each day, that coffee habit will set you back $28 a week, about $120 a month and $1,460 per year. Imagine all you could have done with that! If your caffeine fix is something you can’t extirpate, consider making it yourself and carrying it in a thermos. It’s frugal AND environmentally friendly.

Kill the cigarette habit as well. In addition to being expensive, it’s also disgusting, harmful, and pointless.

Buy in bulk. Items like soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, paper towels, etc, are a more cost-efficient purchase when bought in bulk.

Consider a part-time job. If your schedule permits, a part-time job could be useful. Not only does it provide you with extra funds, it also gives you valuable employment experience to add to your professional resume. In college towns, almost everyone is looking for a job so t is important to market yourself competitively to potential employers.